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Recommended Use

Our flagship model is great for any activity or shoe.

Product Overview

Designed to enhance your performance through improved support and alignment, ALINE is perfect for every activity. The only insole that gives you active alignment.

ALINEs interface your feet with over 100 support and suspension structures to help enable barefoot functions inside your shoes. As terrains and motions continuously change, your feet will naturally transition, enabling alignment of your knees, hips, and back.

ALINE insoles have the capability to be altered using ALINE TABs. TABs are purchased separately and can be found HERE.


  • Over 100 moving ribs flex and rebound to allow your feet to move freely during any activity.
  • Biomechanically enhanced structures mean your feet have support where and when it’s needed.
  • Patented activation and compression zones keep your feet and lower body aligned during every step, jump, twist and turn.
  • Heel cup with gel pad holds your heel securely while providing shock absorption.
  • Accepts ALINE TABs

Customer Reviews

Based on 203 reviews
Fran Locher

Tabs were easy to place. Great product.

Thank you for the great review! We are excited that they are working well for you.

Richard Benoit

Great support when you need it.

Hanna Hoien
Best inserts ever!

I can run and walk in any shoe with these inserts for hours! I’m a server, bartender, runner, and weight lifter that has always struggled with knee issues, tight glutes, and sore feet. These inserts take all the problems away and make every shoe so freaking comfortable! I can wear any shoe with these inserts, stand for hours, and nothing hurts which I didn’t know was possible! They take about a week or 2 for your feet to get used to them- you might be sore in weird places, but I promise you, it’s worth it!

Hanna - Thanks for the great feedback!

thomas oconnell

I have suffered with foot pain for years. I tried just about every insole out there with limited results. I tried Aline and found relief. Since then, I use Aline inserts in all of my shoes.

Thomas - Thank you for the great review. We are so happy we are able to help you!

krista steuber

ALINE orthotics are the only ones that have helped my foot and ankle pain. They have played a huge role in giving me back my mobility and quality of life. I wear them every single day.

Krista - Thank you for your kind words. We are so happy to be able to help you!