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The ALINE TABs are simply a small clip that can be inserted into either the medial (inside) or lateral (outside) edge of the heel. If you flip your ALINEs over, you’ll be able to see the small square slots where you can insert the TABs. Insert them, test them, find the fit that is right for you. ALINE recognizes the fact that not all feet are created equally, and some people may need some customization. That is why we invented TABs.

Have more questions? A provider near you can provide a full alignment checkup, recommend TABs, and work with you to solve any other issues.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Thomas O'Neill

Let my feet glide as I walk outside. Great inserts

Rachel Dwyer
Help so much! Hard to get used to

These have helped so much with my knee and ankle pain, but they are very hard bottomed and take time to get used to after wearing normally plush and comfy insoles. I recommend buying the clips as I have needed then and played around with them for the perfect fit.

James Nahorski

I have worn the TABS for several days now and am very happy with them. They give me more stability.

Thank for the great review!

Susanne Wolter

Tabs are a great addition to the insoles

Thank for the great review!

Kenneth Hamlin

With my size and severity of supination of my left ankle, it would be difficult, I think, to stabilize my ankle to a zero problem degree, but it does help. I wonder if another degree or more would help. The one issue, although minor, is it makes the insole effectively ticker to the point of being too much so.