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Revolutionize how
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ALINE is the world’s most advanced foot activation system, providing transformational alignment, comfort, and balance. Our patented technology is engineered so you can feel and perform your best. With ALINE in every shoe, discover better motion and improve your physical, mental, and emotional health!

in every shoe,

Better Performance

Walk longer, run faster, jump higher. ALINEs help enhance your performance in every activity. Our one-of-a-kind patented tech unleashes the power within your body!

Better Health

Feet are designed to move freely, but restrictive footwear and a world covered in concrete hinders your natural barefoot functions. ALINE is the only insole that allows your feet to move as nature intended!

Better Quality of life

Fact: When you move better, you feel better.
Put ALINEs in every pair of shoes and discover more enjoyment in everything you do!

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get ready to revolutionize
the way you move!


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This is why we do what we do

Professional athletes and Olympians agree, ALINEs change their game! Their testimonials, combined with the hundreds of thousands of everyday users, demonstrate why you should have ALINEs in every shoe.

“If only I had ALINEs during the peak of my career, I would have surely extended my career and maybe even won more professional championships! ”
Chris Wherry – 2005 US Professional Road Race Champion, Cycling
“I have been wearing ALINEs in all of my footwear for over 8 years now and in both Sochi and Pyeongchang. They help me feel more grounded and make such a difference! ”
Jamie Anderson – 15-time X Games Medalist & 3-time Olympic Medalist, Snowboarding
“Thank you for this amazing product. It allows me to do my job everyday - pain free! ”
Sam Channing – Delivery Professional & Industrial Athlete
“From chronic pain patients, athletes, military personnel, pregnant patients, delivery men or the elderly…our patients love your product and the immediate functional change it makes to their lives. ”
Dr. Shawn Leatherman – Chiropractor
“After discovering ALINEs, my hip pain is gone and I'm back to doing the activities that I love! ”
Wendyll Behrend – Loyal ALINE Customer & Outdoor Enthusiast
“The sport of BMX freestyle can cause significant damage to your ankles and knees. Having ALINEs help me to be stable and prevent injuries from high impact landings. ”
Kurtis Downs – X Games Medalist & Nitro Circus Athlete, BMX