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Yes, Barefoot Function Inside Shoes!

For Millions of years, Humans evolved on natural forgiving earth terrains. Just in a flash of humanity, those terrains became primarily unnatural unforgiving concrete terrains. To cushion the concrete, Unnatural foam shoe soles became the household product for almost everyone.

Feet have over 100 moving bones and joints, and do not have one shape in motion. As terrains and motions continuously change, feet evolved to rapidly transition in shape and function to align with the legs and body for both stability and mobility.

Bare foot functions are greatly disrupted in the unnatural “concrete jungle” Although people can still move, the disrupted functions can relay unfavorable compensation to the legs and body affecting the way nature evolved us to move.
Various footwear plays a significant role in disrupting the foots transitioning functions. Hard soles such as high heels, boots, cleats etc. are a continuation of the concrete jungle, soft foam soles in sandals, sneakers and many lifestyle shoes create instant instability which hinders the foots ability to transition through variable terrains and motions.

We’re on a mission

Since the concrete jungle (Asphalt, Tile, Hard wood floors & Concrete) is here to stay, ALINE was engineered to help enable the “Transition Sequence” of the foot inside shoes. With over 2 decades of research and refinement under the feet of many of the worlds most extreme and precision motion sport athletes, ALINE has evolved to help almost everyone move better.

ALINE is a foot activation system, this helps to enable bare foot functions throughout unnatural footwear and man made terrains. ALINEs have over 100 dynamic support and suspension structures that continuously transition with your foots movement. This allows powerful leg and body alignment throughout variable footwear, terrains and motions !

Our mission is simple.
We live to help you move better..
feel better…
perform better!



ALINE is not “Bare Foot”, but we invite you to experience the power of your foots transition sequence within shoes. ALINE athletes and consumers boast about feeling more naturally aligned, powerful and even taller! We look forward to hearing from you, and your experience with ALINE!


Brian Bradley from Egoscue is the worlds least fan of Molded/Scanned Orthotic braces … Why? Because feet with over 100 moving bones and joints do not have one shape in motion! Although we all agree that there are many rigid foot deformities
that may require braces, for active people it is not favorable to brace the foot. Egoscue is one of ALINEs favorite additions to activate alignment. We are able to instantly helps most peoples alignment, however the years of moving out of alignment has left most people with limited range of motion in the legs and hips! Listen carefully at the biohacking conference … you will hear someone yelling “WAKE UP THE KING” – That would be Brian Bradley showing simple stretches you can do to simply move the hips and legs better !

Peter Wasowski the inventor of a favorite biohacking device known as the VASPER System, has brought ALINE into his NASA Ames Lab to offer his clients a biohack for shoes! Peter exclaims that feet are like two hearts and that ALINE is the best device he has seen to help activate alignment and vascular performance in shoes! If you have not experienced VASPER it is worth the wait! Certainly one of our favorite devices at any health and biohacking conference!

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We are a force for good company out there to help people find ways to move better throughout our unnatural unforgiving concrete jungle! Please join our mission with sharing your experience with your friends and family!