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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How is ALINE different from a custom insole?

ALINE was developed after twenty years of research into the way feet work. Custom products capture the foot in one shape, standing still. The problem is that for active people, standing still is not how they live. ALINE’s suspension zones allow the hundreds of moving bones, ligaments, and tendons to move the way nature intended, while still being supported. Whether you have flat feet or high arches, wide feet or narrow feet, you will get the benefit of ALINEment.

We are so confident in this that we offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

How do I purchase ALINEs?

You can purchase ALINEs directly from our Online shop, or at an authorized dealer.

How do ALINEs help me?

Lower leg alignment is the key to power transfer. Proper and efficient power transfer is the key to performance. ALINE is the only dynamic insole in the world. What that means is no matter what position you are in, ALINE’s provide proper alignment and optimal performance. Some insoles can provide alignment when you are standing still. What about when you are attempting to make that tough golf shot from a downhill lie? What about when skiing? Only ALINE can provide alignment no matter what the situation!

Will ALINEs fit in my shoes?

ALINEs will fit in even the lowest volume cycling shoes and cleats. A general rule is that if your shoe has a removable insole, ALINEs will fit.

How do I know I have the correct size?

ALINE’s are sized by arch length. Generally this conforms to shoe size. To ensure a proper fit, place your foot on the ALINE outside of a shoe. The lowest point in the ball of your foot should be centered or slightly behind center in the window at the front of the insole. Secondly, make sure your toes do not go over the end of the insole.

How do I clean my ALINE's?

ALINE Active, Golf, & Cycle: Wipe down with any household cleaning supply (Windex, Lysol, ext..) If you are really anxious, some of us put them in the dishwasher...for real!
ALINE Cushion & Climate: Hand-wash with a mild soap and lukewarm water to remove light soil. A soft bristle brush (old toothbrush) works well to remove ground-in dirt. Rinse well. Absorb excess water with a soft towel and allow insoles to air dry overnight.

What if my ALINEs are too long or wide at the ball of the foot for the shoe?

It will jam in the shoe and possibly feel like the arch is too high. The toes may feel crowded because the end and sides of the insole is curling up against the shoe. Remove your ALINEs and trim enough material off to allow the end and sides of your ALINEs to lay flat. There should be between 1mm and 2mm of room between the shoe and insole.

What is BFAST® ?

BFAST® alignment tech unleashes essential BARE-FOOT functions needed to continually transition leg alignment. By combining structure with flexibility, ALINE allows proper bone and tendon motion which enables optimal leg alignment through every range of motion, regardless of activity.

What if my feet hurt?

ALINEs are no different than any serious change in a work out routine. There could be some initial soreness. Just like you don’t go to the gym for 8 hours the first day, you may need to work your way into foot health an hour at a time. This is because ALINEs cause new parts of your feet to begin working hard again, something they have not done in quite a long time. If this discomfort persists after your initial breaking in period, it is very often due to an improper fit.
Blistering is a rare occurrence and is usually due to an improperly sized ALINE. Please refer to our sizing instructions to confirm a proper fit.

How long do ALINEs last?

For daily use (on average), ALINE’s suspension zones will begin to break down around 12 months. Distance runners may want to replace their ALINEs every three pairs of shoes due to the increased mileage. Due to differences in people and activities, we cannot give a definitive mileage.

What are TABs?

ALINEs are a semi-customizable product. While the majority of people return immediately to neutral after use, some need a bit of an adjustment. TABs are our way of further customizing the fit. To utilize TABs, please come join us at an event, at our office in Marblehead, or at an authorized retailer with a fitting device.

What about Motion Control shoes?

Since ALINEs put the foot back into a neutral position, you will no longer need motion control/stability shoes. We recommend getting back into a neutral shoe. In fact, motion control/stability shoes can exacerbate your alignment problems rather than solve them after ALINE use.

My shoes feel too tight.

Ensure that you have removed the stock insole that came with your shoes before inserting your ALINEs and re-lace the shoe to accommodate the new system.

Can I move my ALINEs between shoes?

Yes. Trim your ALINEs to the shoe which is shortest in length. Also, be sure to take your ALINEs with you when you buy new shoes so you don't buy a shoe that is the wrong size and volume. Remember to remove any factory sock insoles, if needed.

How much do ALINEs weigh?

A pair of ALINEs weighs only 7 oz.

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