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Product Overview

The ALINE Motivity starts with the same great tech as the ALINE, helping to activate barefoot functions and aligning your feet, knees, hips, and back. But there’s more! The ALINE Motivity provides added comfort and responsiveness between your foot and your shoe while giving you added breathability. A layer of Poron and our unique mesh fabric work together to create a comfortable and anti-shearing solution.

The ALINE Motivity is only available to Providers and not for individual retail sale.


  • Over 100 moving ribs flex and rebound to allow your feet to move freely during any activity.
  • Biomechanically enhanced structures mean your feet have support where and when it’s needed.
  • Patented activation and compression zones keep your feet and lower body aligned during every step, jump, twist and turn.
  • Heel cup with gel pad holds your heel securely while providing shock absorption.
  • Top sheet of Poron foam for added comfort
  • Durable mesh fabric to enhance comfort while reducing moisture
  • Accepts ALINE TABs

Recommended Use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Josh Fandrich
Love my Alines

I recommend ALINES for all my members at OsteoStrong. If you want to be superior in balance and movement, it starts with the correct alignment. It’s not the shoe, it’s whats in the shoe that matters and shoe come in pairs, feet do not. If you want to eliminate most common aches and pain, start here.

Bruce Lewandowski

They are a great addition to your line if need a little more comfort and responsiveness.

Dr. Stephen Price
Great Orthodics

I have not customer complaints. They are loved by my patients.

These work very well in everything except dress shoes. Women need much narrower orthodics.


The Mobility can be worn by people who can't usually tolerate orthotics.