The ALINE TABs are simply a small clip that can be inserted into either the medial (inside) or lateral (outside) edge of the heel. If you flip your ALINEs over, you’ll be able to see the small square slots where you can insert the TABs. Insert them, test them, find the fit that is right for you

ALINE has a simple goal in mind – to improve the kinetic health and performance of all those who wear our product. The complicated part is that everybody is different, and we all have different alignments and conditions that occasionally need a more specialized fine tuning. ALINE recognizes the fact that not all feet are created equally, and some people may need some customization. That is why we invented TABs.

Have more questions? A provider near you can provide a full alignment checkup, reccommend TABs, and work with you to solve any other issues.

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