Memory Foam Insole

Memory Foam Insole

Aline created the memory foam insole to provide an extra layer of comfort to the worlds most advanced insole.

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Designed to enhance your performance through improved support and alignment, ALINE is perfect for every activity. The only insole that gives you active alignment


Memory foam insoles are the perfect solution for active feet that carry you through hours of work and play day after day. The foam helps absorb shock as your feet strike the ground. From twists and turns to last-minute pivots, your feet can move naturally with better lower body alignment.

Why is alignment so important? Your leg muscles connect to bones in your feet and are responsible for controlling the direction and execution of every foot motion. Supporting proper alignment with those muscles is essential to maintaining healthy, fully functional feet.

That sounds technical, but you don't have to worry about it once you slip a pair of ALINE memory foam insoles into your favorite shoes. Whether you're racing to catch a flight, putting your best foot forward for a big presentation, or pushing through your last hour on the clock, you can count on your insoles to keep up with your active lifestyle.


  • Engineered ribs flex and rebound to allow your feet to move freely during any activity.
  • Biomechanically enhanced structures mean your feet have support where and when it’s needed.
  • Patented activation and compression zones keep your feet and lower body aligned during every step, jump, twist and turn.
  • Heel cup with gel pad holds your heel securely while providing shock absorption.

Customer Reviews

Based on 171 reviews
Monty Keller
Aline soul inserts

They really helped arch’s and relax my feet more when I’m walking and hiking.

recommended to me and to you

My chiro recommended these to keep my knees and back from getting worse. They are great and these are the fourth pair I've purchased. When I wear my walking and working shoes (I stand all day) without them my feet, legs and hips are in pain!
The only downside is although they aren't really cushy, they do wear down fairly quickly.

William Lewis
Just as advertised

I have to wear steel toes shoes at work. They are very uncomfortable and have no give in the toe area. I took out the original insoles and inserted my new aline's. They are now much more bearable. My feet are not nearly as tired when I'm home after work.
Thanks for such a a product.

Nancy DiTomaso
Glad to have found this product

I have had foot problems for years and have used doctor-ordered orthotics that just were not doing the job for me. The Aline insoles were called to my attention so I decided to try them, and I am pleasantly surprised that the technology seems to be a strong improvement over the orthotics from the plastic molds. I would recommend you try them. I opted for the "comfort" model.

Horrible customer service

As a medical provider, I’ve been using their product myself and for my patients for many, many years.

I ordered a size 7 for a patient. They sent a size 11. It’s been a nightmare to deal with them to try to get the order corrected.

I would caution anyone who is looking to purchase their products.