Dress Shoe Insole

Dress Shoe Insole

You look amazing in your dress shoes, but they may not feel so great without ALINE dress shoe insoles. They're designed for alignment and comfort.

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Designed to enhance your performance through improved support and alignment, ALINE is perfect for every activity. The only insole that gives you active alignment


Do you look forward to kicking your dress shoes off at the end of the day because they’re so uncomfortable? Most aren’t designed for comfort, but you can solve that problem by adding ALINE dress shoe insoles. These insoles are unlike others you may have tried in the past because they do more than provide extra cushioning. They’re engineered to hold your foot in proper alignment, reducing your risk of injury.

You may also consider ALINE dress shoe insoles if you suffer from chronic foot or heel pain. Plantar fasciitis, bunions, corns, and many other foot conditions can make walking in dress shoes unbearable. In addition to proper treatment from a medical professional, protective insoles can reduce pain and discomfort. If you don’t have the option of selecting other types of footwear or just miss slipping into your dress shoes, ALINE can help ease the discomfort.

With the right insoles, you can feel as good in your dress shoes as you look. Comfort starts with ALINE.


  • Engineered ribs flex and rebound to allow your feet to move freely during any activity.
  • Biomechanically enhanced structures mean your feet have support where and when it’s needed.
  • Patented activation and compression zones keep your feet and lower body aligned during every step, jump, twist and turn.
  • Heel cup with gel pad holds your heel securely while providing shock absorption.

Customer Reviews

Based on 288 reviews
Nellie Hitchcock

Took 3 weeks to get my order

Beth Gillette
Used a set before

I still use the set I bought over 9 years ago and figured it was time to replace them. I haven't received my order which is 15 days ago.

Chris Vitale
Been using for years!

These insoles work great for me. I need the arch support and have tried a number of different insoles. I like Aline insoles the best. They provide just the right amount of support. I keep an extra pair in the closet so any new shoes get the Alines!

So far so good

Great product so far. I bought them to have a durable insole for sports due to my growing plantar issue. Ive used these for a few weeks for basketball and softball and they have worked great absorbing heel pressure etc. I wasnt sure if id like them, but I cannot deny their effectiveness. I have bad supination (walk on outside of foot) and while these dont "correct" that, they do position my foot better in my shoes.

Leon Fridman
not for me

product seems to be fine. A little heavy but the arch doesn’t fit my foot well tossed the box otherwise would gladly return. Also shipping took a lot longer than expected.