Cycling Insoles

Cycling Insoles

Cyclists need a tough insole that provides traction and lasting comfort for long rides. That’s why we created the Aline traction insole.

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Designed to enhance your performance through improved support and alignment, ALINE is perfect for every activity. The only insole that gives you active alignment


Cycling insoles can help boost your performance whether you ride outdoors or stick to the indoors with a spin bike. The quality and fit of your shoes will impact how secure your feet feel on the pedals and the sustained intensity of the pedaling motion. Even though your feet aren't striking the ground, they are flexing and moving against the pedals while supporting your hard-working legs.

Whether you wear cycling shoes or have other preferred footwear, adding ALINE cycling insoles will improve traction and overall comfort. They improve body alignment to help prevent rubbing, which can lead to painful blisters on long or high-intensity rides. The insoles can also make a difference in how your feet and legs feel after a cycling adventure. You may notice less aches and pains due to the excellent support for your joints and muscles throughout the ride.

Proper foot-leg alignment is critical in all types of activity, cycling including. ALINE is the first insole to protect that alignment while your body is in motion.


  • Engineered ribs flex and rebound to allow your feet to move freely during any activity.
  • Biomechanically enhanced structures mean your feet have support where and when it’s needed.
  • Patented activation and compression zones keep your feet and lower body aligned during every step, jump, twist and turn.
  • Heel cup with gel pad holds your heel securely while providing shock absorption.

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Donald A.

Been using these insoles for years, very comfortable. Apart from the temporary "breaking in" at the beginning (I usually combine them with new shoes, so the insole elevates my foot and the top of my shoe is uncomfortably tight on my cuneiform bones), I have zero complaints! :)

Terry Kearns


Ken Persing
An unknown need!

I tried these by accident, and they fast became essentials!

susan cordrey
Aline traction

Great product. Wish it was a little lighter

Chris Bassett
The best

I have severe leg issues caused by a ski accident when i was young. I used Aline for a time. I then tried a couple other well known brands. They didn’t work as well. I’m back to Aline in a big way. I have (5) golf shoes (5) walking shoes. Thank god for Aline.

Wow! Thanks for the great review and for being a loyal customer!!!