Walking More During the Covid19 Quarantine?

The number of Americans affected by joint pain and injury are increasing by the day. According to a recent Boston Globe article, “surgeons are replacing 320,000 hips and more than 670,000 knees each year, according to the federal government’s latest count, and the numbers are expected to mushroom over the next two decades.” These injuries are not just affecting runners and athletes, they are affecting anyone who walks. Researchers and scientists are seeing the same stresses affecting athletes on non-athletes. Abnormal walking alone, bowlegged walkers for example, can lead to arthritis or worse problems, like hip and knee replacements.

As the number of surgeries grows every day, so does the research for ways to prevent them. One word that keeps repeating in nationwide research is, alignment. Alignment seems to be the answer to injury prevention and to a healthy recovery.

ALINE’s patented products were developed to fix this problem. ALINE restores your arches by allowing your body to naturally align itself. ALINE has broken the mold of insole design by creating an engineered suspension system for your feet. This custom product can be adjusted to fit everyone’s different alignment needs and issues.

The ALINE system was co-created by Gordon Hay, Derek Carroll, and Keith Orr. “It’s amazing to me that we spend so many billions of dollars on sports equipment and footwear and we remain ignorant of our own unique biomechanics, which are more important than any piece of gear,” said Carroll. “A few millimeters of misalignment can lead to a huge loss of performance and a whole range of biomechanical-related health problems… Why not fix it at the source?”

And fix at the source they did. After the products launch in 2006, ALINE has world class athletes wearing their product, from Winter Olympic gold medalists to PGA Tour Professionals to the NFL. This product is on some important feet. For a full list of athletes using ALINE, to learn more about the product, or the importance of proper alignment, check out the company website at www.aline.com.