Michael Bentley - Bio-Mechanics Expert

tumblr_lfeav75j8P1qf6hnio1_r1_500Today the Bentley3 staff had the pleasure of getting fit for the new and improved ALINE Insoles (www.aline.com) by one of the ALINE representatives. We have been working with ALINE since early 2000 and were very excited to see the new design (see picture above), as well as get fit for new insoles. Whenever you need new clubs, more strength, or help dealing with first tee jitters, it is always best to get screened by an expert. The ankle, knee, or hip pain you may be experiencing could be because your joints are out of alignment, starting down at your feet. If your feet are excessively pronating or supinating, your capacity for power instantly diminishes. Look at the before and after picture above of my wife, Marni. The before picture on the left tells us that her left foot is excessively pronating, as her foot and ankle are grinding up against the the inside bar. The after picture on the right shows us that simply by introducing an ALINE insole her foot became neutrally aligned again. If she wears this ALINE insole everyday, her foot will slowly become neutrally aligned; another success story for ALINE. A stable foot is a neutral foot. ALINE’s laser fitting system informs us whether your foot is neutral aligned or not. If it is not, supporting clips can be placed on the bottom of the sole. ALINE has reported that its athletes, who range from PGA Tour golfers to X-Gamers, have altered their foot structures completely back to neutral, simply by wearing their insoles everyday over the course of 6 months to a year. That’s game and life changing. No pain, and back to normal.

Barefoot or Running Shoes, Which is Better?

Running barefoot is the new rage. When we run or train barefoot, we get instant information from the ground back to our brain. If running or walking mechanics are off, we feel it instantly and can make quick, subtle corrections. Running barefoot is a great biofeedback tool, but since your foot is very exposed to the environment, cuts and bruises are inevitable. Running barefoot on pavement, something your feet were not designed for, also often destroys long distance runners foot structures over time. In a traditional running or golf shoe however, our feet often sit on a pillow of ignorance. Our foot ankle, and knee alignment could be out of whack, or functionally misaligned, but we never realize that they are until we end up with a debilitating injury, something that could have easily been prevented if we had been screened by an ALINE expert. In either case, with a shoe or shoeless, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The new ALINE insoles are the best of both worlds.

Via www.aline.com, “Luckily there is now a perfect middle ground between going barefoot and wearing unhealthy, performance-robbing, footwear: ALINE’s patented BFAST technology. ALINE’s BFAST design places the foot into a barefoot position inside your shoes; ALINEs raise the heel slightly to shift weight to your forefoot, as if you aren’t wearing flat shoes. And, through its patented suspension zones, ALINE allows key bones in the foot to move properly…as they do when you walk barefoot. In other words, ALINE’s BFAST technology creates a natural interface within your footwear… regardless of sport or activity. This “Barefoot in Shoes™” position puts the foot in control of the footwear and the body. ALINEs enable the foot’s arches to naturally reshape, allowing the foot, ankle and knee to align. A properly aligned foot and leg reduces injuries and improves your performance. That’s why you owe it to yourself to find out what ALINE can do for you!” “The thing I love most about ALINE’s is the insole suspension system, which enables golfers the opportunity for maximum power transfer in every shot. It is as if you have a mini trampoline in each of your shoes. The harder you press against the skin of a trampoline, the higher you will jump. The same is true in golf; the greater the magnitude of your ground force vector, the more power will be unleashed into the ball via the clubhead at impact. Educating your feet is your first assignment in creating maximum velocity of the clubhead at impact.” Regardless of physical activity, power emerges from the ground up. If your feet aren’t positioned in an anatomically neutral position, you’re diminishing your potential for power, before you even begin to swing the club. You can’t push firmly against the ground if your feet are positioned at a crooked angle. Neutral feet are requirements for obtaining maximum velocity. We like fitting our golfers in ALINE insoles to eliminate any current or future injury, but also to promote joint alignment. When joints are aligned, it becomes infinitely easier to create and retain efficient power, while avoiding injury. ALINE insoles have energized the swings of PGA Tour professionals such as Retief Goosen, Kevin Na, Bo Van Pelt, Rory Sabbatini, DJ Trahan and many more. ALINE is also used by World Long Drive Champions, Players on the Champions Tour, Futures Tour, NCAA Division 1 collegiate athletes.