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Winter Games Athletes Around the World

ALINE is excited to share our list of Winter Games Athletes using our product at ESPN X Games and now to represent their countries.  These elite athletes are like you,  they want to Move Better so they Feel Better and Perform Better.  If ALINE can do it for them, we can do it for you!  Let’s root on our US Winter athletes as well as our athlete friends from around the world!

 Danny DavisLouis Vito Snowboard HalfpipeSnowboard Halfpipe USAUSA
Jarryd HughesSBXAustralia
Aimee FullerSlope Style BoardGreat Britain
Helene OlafsonSBXNorway
Lindsey JacobellisSBXUSA
AJ KemppainenFree Style SkiingFinland
Henrick HarlautFree Style SkiingSweden
David WiseFree Style SkiingUSA
Isabel DerungsSlope Style BoardSwitzerland
Silje NorendalSlope Style BoardNorway
Yuki TsubotaFree Style SkiingCanada
Alex DeiboldSBXUSA
Cameron BoltonSBXAustralia
James WoodsFree Style SkiiingGreat Britain
Sven ThorgrenSlope Style BoardSweden
Charles GuldemondSlope Style BoardUSA
Nick BaumgartnerSBXUSA
Kim LamarreFree Style SkiingCanada
Faye GuliniSBXUSA
Jaqueline HernandezSBXUSA
Jamie AndersonSlope Style BoardUSA