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Run/Walk and Workout Better. ALINE’s innovative suspension technology takes your activity to a new level enabling biomechanically correct and efficient motion.

What’s inside counts.

Active shoe insoles

What's Inside Counts

ALINE has revolutionized the insole category with our multi-patented suspension zones, ribbed arches, and contour zones. All of the elements work together to align your body from the waist down in order to decrease harmful forces on the feet, knees, and ankles allowing for maximum performance, health and comfort.

Active insole
  • Gel in the heel absorbs shock in every step
  • Patented suspension zones naturally align your lower body
  • Dynamic ribs absorb, transmit, and reflect energy
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Passion and Technology to Make you Move Better

ALINE is designed to enhance your performance through improved support and alignment. The alignment of your body is critical to proper and healthy movement. Our patented ALINE Suspension Technology combines over 100 moving ribs, bio mechanically correct supports, engineered suspension zones, a heel cup and gel pad to place your body in the correct alignment at the correct times during activity. Over 1000 professional athletes from Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Adventure racing, Snowboarding, Skiing, Cycling, MMA, Golf and other sports are wearing ALINE today to improve their training and performance. More than 100 X-Games medals, 13 Professional Golf Tournaments and 12 Olympic medals have been won by athletes with ALINE under their feet.

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Customer Story
Jesse Snyder, Personal trainer

“I have never been able to get into an overhead squat, once I put the ALINEs in my shoes I was able to get right into it, It’s really amazing. I’ve been training for over 15 years and these have implications for my surfing, weight lifting, mountain biking, every day life you name it.”

People Moving Better

April Dee

April Dee
15X Spartan Race Winner

The success in OCR that April has takes commitment and skill. With over 25 podiums it is easy to see how hard April works. Teaming up with ALINE in 2013, we have worked together to keep her ALINEd, and reaching the top spot whenever competing.

Isaiah Vidal

Isaiah Vidal
2X Spartan Death Race

Calling Isaiah a machine is an understatement, the 22 year old has accomplished so much in OCR. Two years on ALINE, we work with Isaiah through the hardest of courses and getting him on the podium at almost every race he competes.

Louie Vito

Louie Vito
3X X Games Medalist

Louie is a snowboarder that blows the competition out of the water, the halfpipe rider charges harder than the rest of the field. Louie has been a long time friend and athlete on ALINE’s, as the 2015 season approaches Louie has big plans and is ready to ride.

Seth Wescott

Seth Wescott
Olympic Gold Medalist

Two time Olympic Gold medalist in boardercross Seth is a legend in the sport of snowboarding. The New England native charges out of Sugarloaf, Maine and has been a friend of ALINE for many years.

Relieve Foot Pain and Related Ailments

Many lower body injuries and pain can be traced to poor movement patterns. These poor movement patterns start at the feet. They also can be from muscles in your legs, hips, or back.

ALINE can help with major foot-related problems including shin splints, heel spurs (Exostosis), achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, back pain, and metatarsalgia (ball-of-the-foot pain).

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