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Power, Accuracy, and Control


Golf Tour Professionals have added this new piece of equipment that replaces their shoe insoles. The ALINE Golf Foot Suspension System. The ALINE Golf is the premier foot interface equipment worn by Pros and amateurs alike

Golf Tour Professionals

ALINE Golf is being used by a significant number of touring pros, including 3 2017 tour winners. Current players include Ken Duke, DA Points, Kevin Na, Kelly Kraft, Rick Lamb, Fred Funk, Caroline Westrop and DJ Trahan

Each week, more and more players on the Tour are discovering the advantages of wearing ALINE. Tour Rep. Mark Gerent stated, “In my 15 years working on tour this is the broadest adoption of a new product I’ve ever seen.”

The Solution

A study from ALINE showed that 89% of golfers have a major problem. Their feet, ankles, and knees are not in the correct position and this reduces performance. Alignment is vital. Poor alignment can lead to foot, knee, hip, and back wear and tear. Wear and tear also accelerates the large number of knee and hip replacements.

ALINE has combined the best materials with modern technology and biomechanics to bring a premier functional and biomechanically beneficial product to the market. The ALINE Golf includes a suspension system for the structures of the golfer's foot and allow the golfer to maximize their performance. By suspending the foot structures and arches, ALINE increases your balance and control, it also reduces the major causes of back, muscle, and joint pain as well as foot pain such as plantar fasciitis.

Want Proof That ALINE Golf Works? Ask Tour Player Ken Duke and Other Professionals …


The ALINE Advantage

Move Better

The average golfer walks nearly 6 miles (13,000) steps per round while carrying 30 to 50 lbs. In addition, you will take over 200 swings for a round of practice. Moving well during golf is a challenge. ALINE’s foot suspension technology helps you achieve proper bio-mechanics or movement patterns, that are critical to your game and health. If not properly supported and aligned, the foot can force the ankles, knees, hips and back to move incorrectly reducing swing efficiency and lead to movement based injuries.

Perform Better

We track our scores, distance, accuracy, index, and more. We not only track our performance, but we compare our performance against our friends and competitors. Golf begins at the foot. We work to generate the balance and power needed to perform. If your feet are not performing well, the body will compensate and your swing will change. This results in performance loss and injuries. ALINE’S foot suspension technology is the first step towards winning and healthy golf. Take your ALINE to the range or launch monitor to see and feel the difference.

Feel Better

The body is a marvel of efficiency when it functions properly. Improper movement leads to injuries and poor performance. Shoe designs, past injuries and poor bio-mechanics add up to change how you move. The goal is to optimize all of these to keep you on the course feeling and performing at your best. Starting at the foot.