About Aline Systems

ALINE was born in Marblehead MA, the heart of the American Revolution and one time shoe town. ALINE is dedicated to capturing that spirit to create products that keep active people healthy and moving.

What’s inside counts.

Company Address

ALINE Systems, Inc.
30 Doaks Lane
Marblehead, MA 01945


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Once You Feel the Difference, You’ll Live the Difference

Founded in 2005, our team committed to helping people began watching people walk, run, and live and we saw how poorly many people moved. We could see how these patterns were causing them to become injured and lose performance. We decided to take on the big companies and change an industry with our revolutionary technology and passion. Our team, combined with hundreds of medical professionals and industry leaders has met, evaluated and helped over 200,000 active people developing expertise in human movement that is unmatched in our industry. ALINEs products have won over 15 Olympic Medals, 12 PGA Tour Events, 100 X Games Medals and much more, but our greatest accomplishment is keeping you moving and doing the activities you love.

Meet people that move better

What’s Inside our Users

We find people that wear ALINEs have one thing in common, they want to be better tomorrow than today. They are driven to feel and perform better. Whether your goal is to walk the dog further or win an Olympic Medal. We share your passion and are here to help you achieve your goals.

Passion and Technology to Make You Move Better

What’s Inside our Team

Our team has a passion to help you move better. ALINE knows better movement is life changing for our community and we’re dedicated to helping as many people as possible through our unmatched technology, passion and caring.

Meet people that move better

What’s Inside an ALINE

ALINE is the only product in the category with multi-patented technology inside. Biomechanics is based on timing and sequence. ALINE’s innovative Suspension Technology is engineered to help your feet stay in the right position at the right time throughout your movements.

Passion and Technology to Make You Move Better

What’s Inside your Shoes

When you buy shoe think What’s Inside Counts. Shoes are designed for fashion and protection. The inexpensive foam inside shoes you buy provide no biomechanical function to help you move better. At ALINE we believe in function. So we put technology inside your shoes.

The People Inside

Derek Carroll

Derek Carroll

Seasoned business builder. Derek’s skills include taking new products from idea stage to successful, marketable technologies, leading to several IPO’s and acquisitions.

Keith Orr

Keith Orr

Product development expert, and commercially rated pilot. Keith manages ALINE's technology and engineering. Keith's previous firms designed footwear for major brands like Reebok and others. He has designed and built complex medical devices for Johnson & Johnson, Mitek, and others, and has experience with large and complex military design programs.

Gordon Hay

Gordon Hay

Extreme skier and passionate outdoors-man. Gordon’s vision led to a multitude of patents and designs, in use by some of the world’s leading footwear companies.

Keith Orr

Art Rogers
President of Sales and Marketing

Art bring extensive global footwear experience to ALINE as a former Vice President of Converse Sales and President of Saucony. He led both companies through periods of significant growth. He has also run his own start up footwear brand.

Gordon Hay

Brian Bachelder
PhD Biomechanics

As Director of Sports Medicine Brian manages ALINE education, products and services for all medical providers and professional athletes. Known as “Doc” around the PGA Tour. Former Athletic Training professor and frequent speaker.

Keith Orr

Sam Parker
Marketing Communications

Sam blends the drive of digital marketing and graphics here at ALINE with a knack for helping our customers. Sam is a lifelong elite skier.

Business hours are from 9am to 5pm EST.